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Michael Baggott
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Mike Baggott
Mike Baggott
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Welcome to my home page - hope you have a fun ride!

 This picture was taken long ago when Michael was riding the Slingshot.

Two of my favorite videos.

5/23/2018 Not updated in a long time.

Some Recent photos below.


I personally like the clean cut, dressed up Michael, but he doesn't look bad with a little facial hair.  


I miss Michael's Mustang but he traded it in for a Ford F150 Pickup Truck.  He also likes the motorcycle but plans on trading that up to a bigger one as a graduation present to himself when he graduates from Georgia Southern University in a year or two.

Years ago when I started this fan page for Michael, (just like I did for his brother, Ryan - RyanBaggott.com,)  I wrote things in the first person - as if it was Michael writing the words that went with the pictures.  The fact is I maintained the web site for Michael so that some day he might look back at some of the memories he made over the years.  I hoped that he would think about the fact that Dad was not in the picture because most of the time I was behind the camera.  I don't know how often Michael visits the web site but I can tell you that his mother is on this web site a lot - and probably will continue to visit this web site to remember Michael and all of his accomplishments during the past 20 years

July 24, 2012 - I have not updated this web page in quite some time.  I guess since many of our relatives and friends are on FaceBook.  Michael recently received his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  See the picture below.

Michael also has a new puppy - Marley.

   Marley is older now, too.  

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